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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Friendly E-mail, Due Friday, 1/27

Today you are responsible for publishing your friendly e-mail to Mrs. Lowe.  Please read all instructions before you begin.

1.  Sign in to your PSM e-mail account.
2.  Type your friendly e-mail.  You can first type in Microsoft Word, but the actual e-mail should be in the body of the message.  Do not send it as an attachment.  If you type in MS Word, copy and paste the letter into the e-mail message.
3.  Proofread your letter!  You should have no typos or grammatical mistakes.  You should have a greeting,  a paragraph of events or details you want to share, a paragraph of a few questions, and a closing.  Type your name at the end.  Follow the guidelines on friendly letters.  Remember to be formal, since you are writing to an adult.  No negative comments are permitted.
3. Type both my e-mail address and Mrs. Lowe's.  sullivanj and granholmm  You should not need to type the entire address if you are using your PSM account.  The full e-mail addresses are and  Separate each address with a semicolon ;
4. Proofread each address.
5. Send your e-mail.  You should be finished by the end of the class period.  Otherwise, it will be considered late.

This is a project grade, worth 25 points.
5 points - friendly letter guidelines (heading, body, closing)
5 points - content (interesting, positive, questions, etc.)
5 points - appropriate vocabulary and sophistication of sentences
5 points - language mechanics
5 points - e-mailed correctly

If you finish early, you can go to the following link on channel one.  Any of the articles/games/videos/quizzes can be read/played/watched/taken.  Respond to one or more of them in the comments section.

Please e-mail me with any questions.

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