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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Giver Censorship Project Handout

Please be sure to use the database I emailed you before it expires on April 30.  E-mail me with any questions!

Spring Break Independent Reading Project

Please post a comment about the book you read over spring break.

Paragraph 1 - This is your summary of the book. Describe the setting, characters, basic plot points, etc.  You will also need to indentify the genre of the book and the author.  

Paragraph 2 - Evaluate the text.  What do you like and dislike about this book?  What recommendations could you make for someone who is considering reading this book?  What connections can you personally make to this story?  

Be sure to proofread your comments. It is a good idea to type it in MS Word or another word processing program, then copy and paste it here. Feel free to comment on other people's books, as well, but comment separately from your book comment.

This is a project grade, worth 40 points.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Article, Grade 6, Due TUESDAY, 3-19-11

Please use the link below.  You know the username and password.  Let me know if it is not working, and I will e-mail you the full text.  Please select the link entitled, "Prosecuting Cyberbullies."

After reading, answer ONE of the following questions:

1) Do you think cyberbullies should be prosecuted? Why or why not?
2) Do you think schools should be able to punish students for what they say or do at home on the Internet? Explain your answer.
3) If you were a prosecutor in a cyberbullying case in which the bullied victim committed suicide, what charges would you press against the cyberbully, if any? Explain your position.
4) What do you think social networking sites such as Facebook or MySpace should do about cyberbullying?
5) Have you ever been cyberbullied? How does it feel? Do you notice cyberbullying at your school?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Giver, ch 7-11, due Friday, 4-15-11

These can be either e-mailed to me or given to me at conferences.  If you won't attend conferences, you can e-mail them to me.  Do not make them a word document.  Write your answers in a word doc, then copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail.

Chapter 7
1. How does the Ceremony of Twelve start?
2. What do the numbers mean for each person?
3. Why is number Nineteen skipped?
Chapter 8
1. Why do Jonas and the audience feel uneasy at the beginning of the chapter?
2. Explain Jonas’ assignment.
3. What qualities will Jonas need for his assignment?
Chapter 9
1. What happened to the Receiver selection that failed?
2. What are Jonas’ rules and why are they puzzling?
3. What does Jonas ponder about lying at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 10
1. What does Jonas notice about the Receiver of Memory’s dwelling?
2. What will Jonas’ position involve?
3. Why is the Receiver allowed to have more than three books?
Chapter 11
1. How does Jonas feel after receiving the memories of snow and sledding?
2. How are The Giver’s burdens lessened in working with Jonas?
3. Why did the book’s world eliminate sunshine and hills?

Friday, April 8, 2011

Blog Article Questions, due Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Please follow the directions given in class to read the following link:

If that link doesn't work, try this one:

Same login/username as given in class.  Go to the right, issues/controversies, and then select the link on nuclear power.

After reading, answer ONE of the following.  Clearly label and restate the question.  Use correct language mechanics.  Clearly answer the question, and use details from the article to support your answer.

1) Is it irresponsible of the U.S. government to support nuclear power which produces dangerous nuclear waste, instead of sustainable technologies, like solar power and wind energy? Why or why not?
2) Is nuclear energy the best option for America's energy needs, or is it merely the most convenient option? Explain your answer.
3) Of all the reasons in support of nuclear power, which one do you find the most compelling, and why?
4) Of all the arguments made against nuclear power, which one do you think is the strongest, and why?

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Weekly Article, Grade 5, Due 4-14-11

Welcome to the blog!

Please read the following article.  Afterwards, answer the question posted below.

Do you think that the United States has an obligation to help Japan, or any country, during a time of disaster like this?  Why or why not?  Use complete sentences and correct language mechanics to answer this question in a comment below.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The Giver, ch 5-6, Due Friday, 4-8-11

Chapter 5
1. Describe the morning ritual.
2. What does Jonas’ dream indicate that he must start doing?
3. What do you think of The Community so far?
Chapter 6
1. What values does the book’s society embrace and encourage?
2. Why do you think the author points out the distinction between loss and release on page 44?
3. How does the author build interest in Jonas’ Ceremony of Twelve?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Giver, ch 1-4, Due Wednesday, 4-6-11

Chapter 1
1. Who is Lily?
2. When is release not a punishment?
3. What happens in December?
Chapter 2
1. What happens at the Ceremony of Ones?
2. Who is the most important Elder?
3. Why was Jonas’ father not surprised with his assignment?
Chapter 3
1. Why does Jonas describe his eyes as having depth?
2. Why don’t the announcements single anyone out?
3. What happened to the apple?
Chapter 4
1. Where is Jonas doing his volunteer hours?
2. Describe the release of the Old.