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Friday, May 3, 2013

Biography Expectations and Research

By the end of the period, you should:
1.  Email me your approved topic and sources.
2.  Email yourself your approved topic and sources.
3.  Begin reading and taking notes from your sources.

Biography (2-3 pages) 40 Points total
  • Must have 2 sources – ONE SOURCE MUST BE GALE (10 points)
  • Sources should be included at the end of the biography, listed alphabetically, under a title “Bibliography”
  • Must be in chronological order (5 points)
  • Must have major life details (10 points)
    • Birthdate
    • Hometown
    • Childhood
    • Adulthood
      • Spouses
      • Children
      • Other important information
    • Becoming an artist
    • Current life
  • Must explain art and impact (5 pts)
  • Language mechanics, length, and organization (10 points)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

News Analysis

Please go to:

Read at least 3 articles in the NEWS section.

Select one article that is in the NEWS section.  It can be US, World, Politics, Science, etc.

Complete the following:

Article Title:

5W's and H - In list form.


Evaluation paragraph - What is your opinion about this topic?  Why did you choose to write about it?  How will it affect you, or those you know?

Print by end of the period.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Persuasive Essay ACT Prompt

A school board is concerned that the state’s requirements for core courses in mathematics, English, science, and social studies may prevent students from taking important elective courses like music, other languages, and vocational education. The school board would like to encourage more high school students to take elective courses and is considering two proposals. One proposal is to lengthen the school day to provide students with the opportunity to take elective courses. The other proposal is to offer elective courses in the summer. Write an essay in which you argue for lengthening the school day or for offering elective courses during the summer. Explain why you think your choice will encourage more students to take elective courses.

Source:, 2009