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Friday, October 5, 2012

Q1 Study Guide

Reading and LA Q1 Study Guide


1.   The Pretty Pennies Picket

2.   Gandhi

3.   My Brother Martin/I Have a Dream

4.   Harvesting Hope

5.   Passage to Freedom

6.   The Island of Bulls

7.   Escape from Pompeii


1.    Strategies

a.   Word Structure

b.   Context Clues

c.    Apposition

2.   Strategy Chart


3.   Words from stories:

a.   Workbook

b.   Textbook

Comprehension Strategies

1.   Summarize

2.   Predict

3.   Visualize

4.   Monitor and Clarify

5.   Making Connections

6.   Asking Questions

7.   Monitor & Adjust Reading Speed

Comprehension Skills

1.   Author’s Purpose

2.   Author’s Point of View

3.   Drawing Conclusions

4.   Main Idea and Supporting Details



1.   140 words

2.   Patterns

a.   Inflectional ending –ing, shades of meaning, suffix –al

b.   Base word families, Greek root photo, suffixes –ance, -or

c.    Inflectional ending –ed, Antonynms, prefix ex-, Latin root liber

d.   Compound words, foreign phrases

e.   Homophones

f.      Content words, prefixes con-, col-, com-, Number prefixes

g.    Negative prefixes, suffixes –ful, -less


1.   Subjects and predicates

a.   Complete

b.   Simple

2.   Types of sentences

a.   Simple

b.   Compound

c.    Complex

d.   Compound-complex

3.   Adjectives

4.   Capitalization

5.   Apostrophes

6.   Subject-verb agreement


1.   Steps of the writing process (and definitions)

a.   Prewriting

b.   Drafting

c.    Revising

d.   Proofreading

e.   Publishing

2.   5-Paragraph Essay Components

a.   Leads

b.   Thesis Statements

c.    Outlining

d.   Introduction/body/conclusion