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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6B WIT ch 1-2, Due Friday, 2/3

We are going to use this blog to discuss the novel, A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engle.
·         Your requirements are to read the assigned pages and contribute to the blog discussion.
·         Answer in the correct class section:  6A or 6B, which will be in the title of the post.
·         You must answer at least 1 teacher question per week.
·         You must add
    • an original connection, comment, or question per week.
    • OR
    • respond to at least 1 classmate's comment, connection, question, etc. per week.  You may read the other class’s comments, as well as respond, but it must be in your correct section. 
·         This is due before 8 a.m. each Friday.  You will be given the assignment over the weekend, and it is up to you to manage it.
·         This is worth 10 points.  I will not post your comment if I find more than 2 errors in spelling and grammar.  You will need to re-do the assignment or go to supper club.
·         It is a good idea to start a Word Document called, WIT Blog Responses.  Type each week’s response there, one after another, and save the file.  Then copy and paste the current comment into the comment section of the blog. 

Please let me know if you have questions!
WIT ch 1-2, Due Friday, 2/3
You must respond to at least 1 question.  Please refer to the question by number, as well as by restating it in your answer.
EX:  1.  Meg feels...about herself because she thinks/says...  I can relate to how she feels because... Meg reminds me of .....because....
1.       How does Meg feel about herself?  Can you relate to her feelings, or connect her to another character in another book?
2.       What do you think Mrs. Whatsit looks like? (Other than how she is vaguely described in the book.)
3.       What does the ending of chapter 2 make you wonder?
4.       Which character can you connect with the most?  Why?
5.       What behaviors/events seem strange to you?  Why?


  1. 1.Meg feels as if she is the most unlucky person. Her life was fine until now when everything seems to go wrong. Now she realizes she doesn't want to sleep in the attic. She so far has been insulted, not doing well in school,torn clothes, and told she hadn't had friends.On some occasions I have bad days like this one.
    2.Mrs.Whatsit seems like a clumsy but nice old lady. She seems like he adores clothing. Her face seems joyful and bright.`
    5.It doesn't seem normal that Mrs. Whatsit comes into their house in the middle of their house unannounced.Why was Mrs. Whatsit demanding things all of a sudden or why she took the sheets?

  2. I think Meg feels like a disappointment . Otherwise she feels people will think bad of her. I can relate to this because i feel like a disappointment every day but I know people think bad about me . She seems not to care as much nether do I.

  3. 4. The character I can connect to the most is Meg. The reason I why think this is because sometimes I doubt myself and blame myself for things.

    When was the time when you ever felt like Meg?
    Did you like that feeling? Why or why not?

  4. I agree with Tekayah. Sometimes, I also can relate to Meg.I do doubt myself. For example, when I am in reading and Language arts Mrs.Sullivan would ask a question about the story we are reading at the time. I know the answer but would doubt myself and say,"No that might be wrong."One time I felt like Meg, was when I would try to answer something I would dout myself. When I did that somebody said the exact answer I was going to say.

    When we Ms. Whatsit appeared in Meg's house, how do ypu think Meg reated?
    What would you do if a person appeared out of the blue to your house uninvited?
    how would you react? Why?
    Would you treat her with respect? Why or Why not

  5. I think that Meg reacting was as if she was like who are you and why are in my house.
    What I would do if a person appeared out of the blue is the first thing is call the police because I don’t know you. And then start asking questions.

    I would react like I was scared because I don’t know you.
    I would not treat her with respect because first you’re at my house at the middle of the night second there been a rumor that a theft been going around and taking sheets so you are not coming in my house.

    If you know that a theft is going around stealing sheets and that person comes to your house would you let them in?

    And would you treat them with respect. Why or why not?

    1. I agree with Matthew because I think Meg was only acting like that because she did't know Mrs. Whitsit. I dont think I would have called the police on a old lady. I think I probably would have let her in because I would be thinking what harm could a elderly woman do.

  6. I think Mrs. Whatsit looks like a frail elder lady. It says in in the book, that she came wrapped in many jackets, coats, ect. Her hair color may be solid gray, she probally wears thin sweaters.

    1. To add on to what Sky said I think that she was kind of old and creepy. She must have seemed very weird because Charles's family was worried about him being around her.

  7. 1. Meg feels that she and other people in her family are dumb. She is sad that she doesw not have a father to take care of her. I don't feel sad because i am dumb, but i do feel sad that i do not have a dad either to help me and it is just my mom, brother, mom's friend, and me. So i can relate that i kind of feel sad to not have a father.

  8. 3. At the end of chapter 2 makes me wonder whatq will Charles,Meg,and Calvin will do to make their problems better and it would change all of the problems that they had with each other and they also will make something better of themselves.

  9. I think that Mrs.Whatsit looks very old with lots of wrinkles on her cheeks.She be very scary-looking.As in a old frail witch.

  10. 4. I think I am most like Charels Wallace because I am always cooking or making some kind of food for my family. I always end up waking up in the middle of the night looking for a night snack.
    I have a new question. Do you think Charels Wllace is Meg's brother? Why don't they say that in the story?

    1. I think Charles Wallace is Meg's brother(on page 5 paragraph 1) it says "dumb baby brother" in the first sentence. If not how does she know that he is sleep. If they live in the same house and are not brother and sister why is he living with her.

  11. 3. The end of chapter 2 makes me wonder why Calvin said, “Now off with you! Justitae soror fides.” It also makes me wonder why does it mean Faith is the sister justice. It also makes wonder why Charlsie “Ab honesto virum bonum nihil deterret.” My new question is why is the story is called “A Wrinkle in Time”.

  12. 1. I agree with Te'Keyah and Kenya because sometimes I blame myself for things that aren't really big deals. Sometimes when I get asked a question in science I know the answer but I'm to afraid to get the answer wrong. But sometimes, it's ok to get the answer wrong as long as you try your best. I learned that when you hold things back that you build up more emotions inside.

    Would you be able to connect to Meg if you ever met her and actually got to know her?

    Would you try to help Meg with her situation if you ever met her?

  13. 5.The part when the old lady name Mrs.Whatsit ask there is such a thing called "tesseract." When Iwas first reading this I wondered did she have anything to do with meg's father? What do you guys think?

  14. Meg feels insecure about herself because when she talks to her cat, she tells the cat that it better be lucky that is not a monster like her. I remember a story called The Colored Purple. This girl named Sealy hd thought that she was not pretty as well. I have a question: how come she had a bad week?

  15. 2. I think Mrs. Whatsit looks like a short, frail, wrinkled, pale skinned, elderly woman. I think she probably dresses in several layers of clothing. She puts me in mind of someone who really doesn’t care about their appearance. I think she is someone who just puts on anything clean in their closet and doesn’t worry if it matches.

    Why do you think Mrs. Whatsit and Charles connected with each other?

    What do you think Meg’s mother felt when Mrs. Whatsit mentioned the “tesseract”?

  16. 1) Meg is a very negative person. Her outlook on herself is not very positiove. I have a question: How many true friends does Meg have?

  17. 2. I think Mrs.Whatsit looks like our old 5th grade teacher Ms. Mixon, only older and shorter than her.
    3. I wonder what a tesseract is?

  18. Number4: I think that i am most like Meg because she doubts herself some times, maybe more than me. I think that I am like her because of her personality and whats sle does.