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Friday, May 3, 2013

Biography Expectations and Research

By the end of the period, you should:
1.  Email me your approved topic and sources.
2.  Email yourself your approved topic and sources.
3.  Begin reading and taking notes from your sources.

Biography (2-3 pages) 40 Points total
  • Must have 2 sources – ONE SOURCE MUST BE GALE (10 points)
  • Sources should be included at the end of the biography, listed alphabetically, under a title “Bibliography”
  • Must be in chronological order (5 points)
  • Must have major life details (10 points)
    • Birthdate
    • Hometown
    • Childhood
    • Adulthood
      • Spouses
      • Children
      • Other important information
    • Becoming an artist
    • Current life
  • Must explain art and impact (5 pts)
  • Language mechanics, length, and organization (10 points)


Thursday, May 2, 2013

News Analysis

Please go to:

Read at least 3 articles in the NEWS section.

Select one article that is in the NEWS section.  It can be US, World, Politics, Science, etc.

Complete the following:

Article Title:

5W's and H - In list form.


Evaluation paragraph - What is your opinion about this topic?  Why did you choose to write about it?  How will it affect you, or those you know?

Print by end of the period.