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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

6A WIT ch 1-2, Due Friday, 2/3

We are going to use this blog to discuss the novel, A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeline L'Engle.
·         Your requirements are to read the assigned pages and contribute to the blog discussion.
·         Answer in the correct class section:  6A or 6B, which will be in the title of the post.
·         You must answer at least 1 teacher question per week.
·          You must add ·         This is due before 8 a.m. each Friday.  You will be given the assignment over the weekend, and it is up to you to manage it.
    • an original connection, comment, or question per week.
    • OR
    • respond to at least 1 classmate's comment, connection, question, etc. per week.  You may read the other class’s comments, as well as respond, but it must be in your correct section. 
·         This is worth 10 points.  I will not post your comment if I find more than 2 errors in spelling and grammar.  You will need to re-do the assignment or go to supper club.
·         It is a good idea to start a Word Document called, WIT Blog Responses.  Type each week’s response there, one after another, and save the file.  Then copy and paste the current comment into the comment section of the blog. 

Please let me know if you have questions!
WIT ch 1-2, Due Friday, 2/3
You must respond to at least 1 question.  Please refer to the question by number, as well as by restating it in your answer.
EX:  1.  Meg feels...about herself because she thinks/says...  I can relate to how she feels because... Meg reminds me of .....because....
1.       How does Meg feel about herself?  Can you relate to her feelings, or connect her to another character in another book?
2.       What do you think Mrs. Whatsit looks like? (Other than how she is vaguely described in the book.)
3.       What does the ending of chapter 2 make you wonder?
4.       Which character can you connect with the most?  Why?
5.       What behaviors/events seem strange to you?  Why?


  1. 5.What behaviors/events seem strange to you? Why?

    The behaviors and events that seem strange to me is that Meg's little five year old brother, Charles Wallace, didn't start speaking until age 4, but now, at age 5, he speaks properly and has a very expanded vocabulary. That's not normal for five year old, but I just suppose that he is a very intelligent five year old. I also find it strange that Meg's father, before he left, did IQ tests on her and I understood that between the lines he hinted that it was high, yet he wouldn't tell her about it. I wonder why a parent wouldn't tell their own child how smart they are and let them continue to think they are dumb.
    Something else that i had found strange was that Meg's mother was so upset by Mrs. Whatsit saying something about the "tesseract".
    I also find it strange that Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and their other friend would still the sheets to sew on them instead of just going out and buying some.
    I also find it weird that Mrs. Who kept saying random things in different various languages that, I personally think, didn't go along with the conversation.

    1. I agree which ciera because how come the dad and Charles know whats going to happen next before they ever say what happen.why do you think Mr. Jenkins was talking meg`s father so much ever know he is far away and well know in that school.

  2. The ending of chapter two made me wonder what the third woman will be like. Also I wonder if the third woman will be nice as the other two women were. How do you think that Mrs. Which will be like to Meg, Calvin, and Charles Wallace.

  3. I think that I can relate to Meg the most for many reasons. One reason is because we might me likie the same age because she is the oldest and she sounds like a 6th grader. I can relate to her because in the beginning she kind of complains alot about everything and i do that alot. I can relate to her because she is sometimes a good student then a bad student and she gets compared to her family memebers. Its like Mr.Ervin says that I act just like my brother anmd I think I am better than him. Sometimes that is what she is thinking when her teacher says that. I can say that the way she stood up for her little brother I would have did the same thing as her she does not like people talking about her brother thats what I feel sometimes. Why does Meg feel that it is not a privillage to have a bedroonm in the attic when the hurrican was going to come?

    1. Why does Meg feel that it is not a privillage to have a bedroonm in the attic when the hurrican was going to come?

      She probably felt that being in the attic wasnt a privlege in a hurracane because if the roof was ripped off, she would be in immediate danger. She also would be trapped if the house were to flood unless there were stairs to get into the attic.

  4. 1. In the beginning Meg feels bad because she never has good grades, she gets made fun of, and some of her siblings do not give her an millimeter of respect. Sometimes they call her dum as well. Her teacher brings back her father being gone, which, he probably knows that the fact is getting to her. I could connect to her because I have siblings and sometimes people compare us and in the story she gets compared to her mother. Sometimes I think that you do not have to worry about hem at the time. Why do you think Charles Wallace sees Ms. Whatsit as an ally and not as an enemie?

    1. I think Charles Wallace sees Mrs. Whatsit as an ally and not as an enemy because he knew why she was their. All along i believe that they were eventually going to go to the 5th dimension and help their father. Charles knew that Mrs. Whatsit was only their to help.

  5. 5.What behaviors/events seem strange to you? Why?

    The fact that Meg’s five year old brother Charles Wallace speaks properly and uses advanced vocabulary is very strange to me. When I was five years old, I didn’t use many of the words that he is using. The fact that Meg thinks she is a delinquent and her dad knows that she isn’t is also strange to me. Before Meg’s father left, he gave results were very high. Meg doesn’t know how smart she is because he never told me that she had a high IQ. I don't understand why you would leave you child with low self- esteem thinking that she is so dumb when she isn't.

  6. 4. Which character can you connect with the most? Why?
    I'm like Kendall because we both are a little like Meg in some way. For example I'm like the average 6th grader that can be a little classified as awkward, but not to the extreme. I also can be a loveable person only if I’m in a good mood. Her personality isn’t as specific, but by the some details they gave me I could relate to her. In this story some exciting things were the vivid description of this adventure. I could imagine myself teleporting with Meg, her little brother, and her friend. I wish they could have put more in the first 33 pages so the story could connect with me more.

  7. The behaviors and events that seem strange to me is that Meg's little five year old brother, Charles Wallace, didn't start speaking until age 4, but now, at age 5, he speaks properly and has a very expanded vocabulary to be a five year old boy.also one thing that strange is that meg is so smart but there father want them to think they are dumb.I think they do that because they try to push them more to do better. Why do you thing parent dot that?

  8. The ending of chapter 2 makes me wonder
    how will Mrs. which will react when they
    meet the children. I also wonder is she
    will be nice or mean.

  9. 5. What behaviors/events seem strange to you? Why?

    I believe that the fact that Charles has an advanced vocabulary is very strange (He didn't even learn to speak until he was 4, so why would he be so advanced?). Another wierd thing is when Meg's mother is doing everything Mrs. Whatsit says, and doesn't tell her kids why. The fact that Mrs. Whatsit also stole sheets to wrap in is also wierd, as she coukd either buy a large one, or get clothing that has the feel or appearence of draped sheets.

  10. Marquis T.

    3. The end of chapter 2 was kind of weird because Fortinbras needed a snack before they left and that is kind of suspicious and I believe that if suspicion continues to be a factor the rest of the story is going to be good. Calvin also builds on the suspicion by acting kind of nervous. Calvin acts sarcastic about wanting to go home and kind of thinks that going to Fortinbras's house won't be a good idea.With Calvin acting nervous the story changes with a twist with the nervousness about the up coming task on the horizon.

  11. What behaviors/events seem strange to you? Why?

    The event that seemed strange to me was when Mrs. Whatsit arrived at the house. It was the middle of the night and she was swept from the direction of her house, but she remembered the smell in which lead her to them. Plus, it was a hurricane going on. Who would be walking outside in a hurricane? She seemed like she had good intentions, but she did seem kind of suspicious at first. Meg thought that she was the tramp that stole Mrs. Buncombe’s sheets from the post office. It seemed as if she wanted something, but just couldn’t find it. Meg was probably asking herself the same thing. The word she used put the mother in shock, the word tesseract.
    What would you have done if you were in their shoes? How would you feel if someone you never met before came into your house and seemed perfectly fine with it?

  12. Latrena WeatherspoonFebruary 2, 2012 at 9:17 PM

    5.Which character can you connect with the most? Why?

    I can connect with Meg the most because she feels like an outsider. I can understand that because her twin brothers and her mom are kind of taking her spotlight. Her twin brothers because they're considered the normal one's out of Meg, Charles Wallace, and the twins. Her mom takes her spotlight because in the story it describes how Meg's mom has a prettier face and better hair.

    1. 5. Which character can you connect with the most? Why?

      I agree with Latrena because the way Megan feels like an outsider is just like how I feel sometimes. My family in the Philippines expects the children to learn at least one impressive thing. My cousin plays the saxophone and my sister plays the piano. When I go there, my parents want me to perform. My cousins and sisters always goes first. When I play, it looks like I have not learned anything and don’t practice. Sometimes, they get mad and are upset that I played awfully. Then they don't talk to me and I feel like an outsider. This describes how Meg and I feel the same way.

  13. 4. What character do you feel you connect the most with? Why?

    I believe that I can connect to Meg the most. I believe this because in chapter one she got in a fight because someone was talking about her baby brother. I would probably react the same way. She also worries about her friends. I worry about my friends and my family. It seems like she loves her pet just like I did. It also seems she has a good memory. Sometimes she rushes herself and thinks she is ugly and I sometimes feel like that. Also she thinks she is a weirdo. She wonders from curiosity sometimes. Often when I get home from school my parents are also busy. She can also be demanding when she asks her questions. I'm sure there are other reasons why we are alike but these are the main ones.

  14. 2. What do you think Mrs. Whatsit looks like?

    I think Mrs.Whatsit looks like an almost old women. She is problably in shape, but not a piece of wrinklely skin.

  15. 1.Kow does Meg feel about herself? Can you relate to her feelings, or connect to another character in another book?
    One way Meg feels about herself is self-pitty. I think that she feels like this because she will always say "why is this happening to me?" Meg also doesn't have high self esteem. I can connect to another character (Charles Wallace) because my nephew is two and he doesnt talk but he says little things and he is really smart.

  16. 2. I think Mrs. Whatsit looks like a big burglar dressed woman. She has on a big black coat. The collar is flipped up so no one can see her. She is probably old and not that wrinkled.

  17. 1.) Meg is awquward. She isn't confident. She seems caring, but dosen't belive she can do good or is good.