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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Grade 6 The Most Beautiful Roof in the World ?s

You don't need review questions for Alejandro's Gift b/c that story was easy!

Have a great day, be nice to your moms and grandmas and aunts!

1.  What prize did Meg win as a child?  For what?
2.  Why was Meg so interested in Harriet Tubman?
3.  Why did Meg mark every leaf on several branches with a number?  What did she do with these marked tree leaves later?
4.  What did Meg conclude about the newer leaves on the plants?
5.  How do epiphytic plants begin life on the canopy?
6.  How do ant gardens help the trees?
7.  Why do leafcutter ants carry smaller ants along with them?
8.  How are the macaws described when flying from tree to tree?
9.  Explain the quote, "Science is the machinery that runs the Earth."
10.  Vocab words - canopy, parabola, synchronize, foraging, metabolic

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