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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Amaroq Review ?s

Amaroq the Wolf” Review Questions

1.   Why is Miyax afraid?  What is she most afraid of?  Why?
2.  What does Miyax want from the black wolf?
3.  How does the black wolf treat Miyax at first?  Why does he act this way?
4.  What does Miyax want from the wolves?  How does she know they can help her?
5.  Who is Daniel?  How is he relevant to the story?
6.  Why can’t Miyax use the stars as her guide?
7.  Where is Miyax going?  Be specific. 
8.  According to old Eskimo hunters, what does it mean to be wealthy?  Do you agree or disagree?  Explain.
9.  What does Miyax use to imitate the movements of the wolves’ ears?
10.                   Why does Miyax need to learn to speak Amaraoq’s language?
11.                   Describe how Miyax learns to communicate with the wolves.
12.                   Do you think Miyax will now get help and food from the wolves?  Why or why not?
13.                   Vocabulary
a.   Ambrosia
b.  Conserve
c.   Cosmos
d.  Dispelled
e.   Semaphore

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