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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Giver, ch 7-11, due Friday, 4-15-11

These can be either e-mailed to me or given to me at conferences.  If you won't attend conferences, you can e-mail them to me.  Do not make them a word document.  Write your answers in a word doc, then copy and paste it into the body of the e-mail.

Chapter 7
1. How does the Ceremony of Twelve start?
2. What do the numbers mean for each person?
3. Why is number Nineteen skipped?
Chapter 8
1. Why do Jonas and the audience feel uneasy at the beginning of the chapter?
2. Explain Jonas’ assignment.
3. What qualities will Jonas need for his assignment?
Chapter 9
1. What happened to the Receiver selection that failed?
2. What are Jonas’ rules and why are they puzzling?
3. What does Jonas ponder about lying at the end of the chapter?
Chapter 10
1. What does Jonas notice about the Receiver of Memory’s dwelling?
2. What will Jonas’ position involve?
3. Why is the Receiver allowed to have more than three books?
Chapter 11
1. How does Jonas feel after receiving the memories of snow and sledding?
2. How are The Giver’s burdens lessened in working with Jonas?
3. Why did the book’s world eliminate sunshine and hills?

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