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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Glory Field Questions Due Friday, February 18

All questions need to be answered in complete sentences.  Do not post as a comment here.  You may hand write or type the questions.

1.       How did you respond to the obstacles and limitations Luvenia and Tommy faced?
2.       How do you think you might have behaved in their situations?
3.       What does Elijah want Luvenia to do? How do Elijah’s goals differ from those of Luvenia?
4.       What steps does Luvenia take to try to achieve her goals? What is the outcome of these efforts? From these events, what do you learn about the whites and African Americans in Luvenia’s community?
5.       What important decision does Tommy face? How do the events in Johnson City affect his decision?
6.       Do you think Mr. Deets treats Luvenia fairly? Give reasons for your answer.
7.       Evaluate the important choice Tommy makes. What does he sacrifice? What does he gain? Do you think he made the right choice? Why or why not?

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