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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Prezi/Power Point Rubric

Prezi/ Power Point Rubric, 60 pts

Presentation of Research Topic
10 facts are included
Missing 1-2 facts
Missing facts or facts are not relevant
No clear facts
Highlights the inventor/invention and main ideas
Inventor/invention and main ideas are very brief
Vague and a few ideas
Little or no introduction
Focused and logical throughout; main ideas are clearly presented
Ideas flow well with few interruptions; ideas are developed but lack some detail
Limited structure; ideas are vague and undeveloped
Little to no organization; lacks any kind of clarity
Wraps up all main ideas with a final comment on the topic
Conclusion is brief and does not cover the main ideas
Conclusion is vague and lacks a clear resolution
Lacks any conclusion
Content and Design of Prezi
 /Power Point
Takes advantage of most of the options in Prezi to enhance the information
The Prezi flows well but only uses some of the options
Uses few of the options available and is inconsistent
Does not use any options and is lacking content
Visual Elements
Uses appropriate images to enhance the thesis
Most of the images relate to the thesis
Most of the images were unrelated
No images used
Proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, language
Few mechanical errors
Mechanical errors inhibit understanding
Awkward use of mechanics
Works Cited (MLA)
All images and information that require citation are properly cited
A few sources are missing
Missing nearly all sources
No citations provided
Public Speaking
Prezi or Power Point enhances the presentation
The Prezi enhances the verbal delivery
The Prezi generally connects to the verbal delivery
The Prezi begins to loose connections with the verbal delivery
Relies heavily on the Prezi and does not speak or just relies on the Prezi
Eye Contact
Consistent and constant eye contact with the audience
Eye contact is frequent but lacks some consistency
Limited eye contact with the audience
Does not look at the audience
Proper body language and posture
Generally in control of body language
Body language is starting to distract
Body language is inappropriate
Rate and Volume
Clear diction, tone, volume, rate to voice and use of standard English
Generally consistent speaking voice
Struggles to speak consistently
Mumbles, speaks: too quiet, too loud, too quick, too slow

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