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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Q3 Study Guides

1.  Practice your reading comprehension.  Search online for comprehension practice worksheets with articles and questions, or see me for examples.
2.  Know content and vocabulary for all stories in Unit 3, and the first two stories of Unit 4.
3.  Be able to write paragraphs about the theme, A Wrinkle in Time, and different methods of social protest.
4.  Follow all directions on the test.  Go back to the question and check to make sure you have completed all of the requirements.

5.  Know all grammar content from this quarter.  Look in your CLA to see each topic on the test.  Anything from Unit 3 and the first two stories in Unit 4 are on the test.
6.  Study all spelling words.
7.  Know the elements of a business letter and how to compose one.
8.  Be able to write a thesis statement and effective lead for a question given to you.  Be able to label the lead by type.  Know all parts of a thesis statement.

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  1. Thank you Ms.Sullivan for this study guide!

    From:Your entire class!